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What is OLTAPAC?
Ohio Land Title Association Political Action Committee, OLTAPAC, is a voluntary committee of individual citizens concerne
Homed with the future welfare of the title industry. It is a non-profit organization to promote and directly support the most competent candidates for public office.

  • organized to collect and disburse funds to assist our friends in the Ohio General Assembly with their campaigns for elections and re-election.
  • the political fund raiser for the title industry in Ohio.
  • not affiliated with any political party.



Kim Adams
Mark Bennett
Elizabeth Berg
Tammy Besece
Iain Bryant
Ted Bush
Chip Brigham
Ruth Brunner
Charles Cain
Brenda Cheek
Brenda Craley
Ed DeGregorio
Paul DePascale

John Dyer
Tom Fiegl
Mark Florence
Jeff Gammell
Sam Halkias
Gary Hasson
Bill Heer
Rick Hemphill
Gail Hersh
Jonathan Holfinger
Matthew Hood
Stan Hunter
Orville Jones

Todd Jones
Dione Joseph

Michael Kearns
Russell Kutell
Terry Monnie
Tom Morgan
George Naumoff
Roccina Niehaus

Mary Nurre
Lynn Overbeck Hughes
Joseph Petrelli

Adam Saad
James Saad
Brent Scheer
Michael Sikora

Rob Skidmore
Steven A. Smith
Kelly Spengler
Scott Stevenson
Brian Sutter
Anne Taylor
James Thomas
Michael Trowbridge
John Voso
Heather Weitzel
Colleen Zirkelbach  

How are contributions made?
Your contribution must be made by personal check, personal credit card, or money order and made payable to OLTAPAC.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please use our printable donation form.

  • 500 W. Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 125 ยท Worthington, OH 43085
  • Phone: (888) 292-6582
  • Email: